A free option for a good content filtering service for your home?

We live in a world where inappropriate content is just a click and a tap away.  Just wait until your kid becomes of age where they start to consume the internet, you may find yourself looking for options for content filtering.  (Thank goodness my kid is not there yet, but its inevitable).  There is many free and paid options available, but here is one that is both free  and easy if you’re don’t need fancy reporting or analytics.

It’s a filtered DNS service provided by CleanBrowsing.org and the idea is to update your DHCP server in your home (typically the router or firewall in an average home) to use one of their filtered DNS servers.  You can also manually set devices such as a cell phone to use their filtered DNS service so that content is filtered in and outside your home.

They offer other free and paid services for your consumption so check them out!


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Do I meet the work experience requirements for the CISSP?

If you’re looking into becoming CISSP certified, you may have read about the 5 years of relevant work experience in the security discipline that is required to obtain the CISSP title, even after passing the exam!   Don’t fret, a fellow blogger at The Silicone Underground has a great perspective on this topic.